Why Carpe Yarn?

As a passionate knitter and a purposeful woman-citizen, I started Carpe Yarn to create a resource for the like-minded. Just like you, I swoon for fiber, color and creating wonderful projects.  My stash is building.  Now it's time to add purpose to my passion.

Carpe Yarn was conceived to:
- Grow a Directory of diversity and female-led companies, indie makers, and designers.
- Feature Work of Craftivists in our worldwide community and create seamless contact to them.
- Curate a Cool Store that's not a store. We showcase wonderful products with quick links to purchase. We'll send you to stores and makers that may be new to you and that you can feel great about supporting. 


My work has been as a graphic designer, product developer, and retailer. I've collaborated with great artists, wonderful stores, factories, workers and designers all over the world. Here's my portfolio.

I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister and an aunt. Family, community and a commitment to social justice guide me.

Knitting came to my rescue when life dealt our family a huge health challenge. It continues to restore my serenity, provides amazing creative opportunities, and gives me joy on a daily basis.

As I became more involved, messages from *great fiber-folks led me to want to do more. 

The lightbulb moment:
I can combine my professional skills, my lifelong habit of connecting people, and my passion for knitting to shine a light on craftivism and female  and diversity-led businesses in the fiber community.

My LYS, The Royal Bee Yarn Company, provides community,  ethically sourced supplies and true blue comrades-in-yarn. I wish the same for all of you.

Trish Richman
founder, Carpe Yarn

*Great Fiber Folk that I learn from AND Am Beholden to:

CreativeCeci - A leader, a teacher, an uber-knitter.